Are you looking for a good, handmade
and genuine dessert
always ready to be offered?
Try our chocolate salami
Why choose our chocolate salami?
  • Available in six different formats
  • Classic, hazelnut and gluten-free
  • You can taste the product fresh or frozen
  • It takes up very little space
  • Long shelf life
  • It’s a delicious unique plate
  • It can garnish your existing dessert
In Freezer
The product can be frozen and preserved in a freezer at -18°C.
In Refrigerator
The fresh product or defrosted must be conserved at 2° and consumed in 60 days.
Cioccolami chocolate salami is the dessert as you want: you can taste it fresh or frozen, alone or like an enrichment of your dessert, during summer like winter. A craftsmanship product to surprise your customers.

Cioccolami chocolate salami is the ideal product to surprise your customers with.


Available in three delicious flavors: classic, Piedmont’s hazelnuts and gluten-free, is the dessert like want you.


Good and immediately ready to be served, you can propose it during summer as winter, fresh or frozen…The result is always guaranteed.


Craftsmanship, handmade and with a superior quality, this is the perfect dessert to enrich the already existing proposals of that bar, restaurants, catering and banqueting companies which always want to have at hand “something good and genuine to offer to the customer”.


What is the secret of our chocolate salami? Passion, faith and conviction. From the beginning till the end, from the ingredients selection to the shipping, all story and passion are put into 1 kg of sweet salami.” – M. Scacchetti.


Whatever 1 kg format, ½ kg, cube, bar or single slice, this is the product which will seduce your customers.


Think that the 1kg format takes up less volume then a bottle of whisky and you can serve up to 40 people!


Present your plate with a hot vanilla sauce or by a whipped cream or if you prefer, like an enrichment of your existing desserts.


Your customers will never go back to their old dessert choices again.


Need a new dessert idea? Top ice cream with a slice of sweet salami thin like a rose petal… and if you want to really surprise them, Garnish your dish with a grape, liquor or moscato wine. An extra touch added to this product changes the dish completely.


Are you looking for a dessert always ready and will make your mouth water? Contact us now for a taste!


We'll wait for you in our laboratory. We'll make together your handmade chocolate salami! Contact us now for a tasting!
100 g 90 g
(1 pack)
90 g
(1 cube)
Calories 2000 Kcal 462 Kcal 416 Kcal 83 Kcal
Protein 60g 12,6 g 11,3 g 2,27 g
Carbohydrates 300 g 37,4 g 33,7 g 6,7 g
Saturates fat 19 g 10,7 g 9,6 g 1,9 g
Total fat 62 g 27,6 g 24,8 g 4,9 g
Sodium 2,5 g 0,06 g 0,05 g 0,01 g
Fibre 25 g 7,04 g 6,34 g 12,7 g
Taste our chocolate salami...you'll never go back!
If you want to surprise your customers with an unique product that is always ready to be served, and is a good mouth-watering enjoyment, contact us now. Simply fill in the form below.
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