Phases of work
The phases of work
“What is the secret of our chocolate salami? Love, efforts and conviction. From the beginning to the end, from the choice of the ingredients to the delivery, all the story and the passion are preserved in one kilo of sweet salami”. - M. Sacchetti.
The evening before
In the laboratory of Cioccolami, where we produce the best chocolate salami, the process starts before dawn, with the choicest selection of ingredients.

The crunchy biscuits, the butter, which gives the right softness, the sugar which transforms the bitter flavor of the cocoa in a sweet sensation, the eggs, the hazelnuts of Piedmont and the macaroon, all is carefully and meticulously selected.
6.00 in the morning: the first casting
The day after, when outside is still dark and the chocolate masters open the door of their laboratory, begins the process.

A gratification for eyes and heart which fill themselves with emotions when all elements are amalgamate to create an explosion of intense colors and heady smells.
8.00 In the morning: the chocolate
masters at work
When all is ready and the ingredients have reached the ideal temperature, the artisans of chocolate start an awesome show where the ingredients dance to the rhythm of their wise manual skill.

The result is a mixture able to enhance the five senses.

The persistent aftertaste of the macaroons, the strong smell of chocolate, the fragrance of the roasted hazelnuts, the harmony of warm colors, the softness of the mixture in the hands, the rhythmic sound of the cookies which crumble gently. Everything is mixed creating a unique experience.

The chocolate salami takes shapes quickly while another part of the mixture is worked into rectangular trays 2 cm high. It’ll become later the tasty “little square of chocolate salami”.
10.00 In the morning: the packaging
And so, in the laboratory of Modena, when the sun rises over the countryside, that is the earliest shapes of chocolate salami, are they ready to be packaged.
The 1 kg and 1/2 kg sizes are wrapped in aluminum sheet and then, protected by a thick undulating cardboard. A step, that of the packaging, which takes place exclusively by hand. One by one, the forms of chocolate salami are carefully packed and labeled.

The cubes, after being divided into forms of 18 grams each, the products are placed on a machine that provides wrapping in a transparent cellophane that is used to ensure maximum protection and the preservation of the original flavor.
A sweet cuddle
When everything is ready and even, the latest forms of chocolate salami are carefully packed, the artisans of sweet salami allow themselves a small but delicious cuddle.

A taste that gratifies all 5 senses and which rewards of a really tiring working day. Served as unique dessert or as an enrichment of a cup of ice cream, garnished with caramel or delicious Piedmont's hazelnuts, the chocolate salami is always a pleasure for the heart and palate.
12.00: the result is the
most delicious chocolate
salami of the world
It’s almost the lunch time when all products are ready to be placed in their final packaging. There are three forms boxes of sweet salami. They are 3 kg or 1,5 kg boxes ready to be delivered to bar, restaurants and catering and banqueting companies.

The following phase is the packaging of the “cubes of chocolate salami”, which are carefully lied down in 90 gr boxes and cans.

A packaging which ensure the best preservation of taste, the properties of the product and which is perfect to be distributed to bar, groceries and large retail chains.
released regularly by the
Istituto di Ricerca Agrindustria.
Taste our chocolate salami...you'll never go back!
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