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Whether you serve hot, cold, whole, per portion, during summer or winter, the chocolate salami is as sweet as you want it to be.

Are you a wholesaler and are you looking for the right dessert for serving to your customers? With chocolate salami you’re sure to hit the bull's eye!


Perfect for restaurants, bars, caterers and banqueting and for the vending channel, the chocolate salami doesn’t replace your already existing desserts. On the contrary, it is a product that will fufill your customers’ special requests.


Cioccolami chocolate salami is a handy product and always ready for serving to your customers.


It’s handmade, produced with the experience and passion of the maitres chocolatier who, every day, in their laboratory, work hard at making a superior quality product.


It’s one of the few dessert that you can eat fresh or frozen.


Who said that it’s typically wintry? Handy and yummy, the sweet salami is the most requested product for parties and festivals. It isn’t fragile like a profiterol or like an ice cake that melt.


With the chocolate salami, you serve your customers with an authentic product that is able to withstand to the warmer temperatures and to maintain its fresh chocolate flavor for a long time.


Available in the classic version, hazelnuts and without gluten, Cioccolami chocolate salami can be proposed in different formats.


Cubes, bars, single slices, 1 kg and ½ kg versions. Whatever the request may be, when your customer ask for a valid product, you don’t need to propose anything else.


This is the dessert that garnishes the already existing desserts on your customers’ menu. It can be used to enrich a cup of coffee, an ice cream or can be served as unique plate.


You can save the product in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2 ° and consume it within 60 days, or you can store it in the freezer and maintain it for 19 months.


“With the 1kg format you can serve up to 40 people, come to visit us and I’ll show you how to cut it.” – M. Scacchetti.


On demand, Cioccolami produces for specific brand and on recipe.


Come to visit us in our factory  We’ll wait for preparing all together your handmade chocolate salami!

released regularly by the
Istituto di Ricerca Agrindustria.
Taste our chocolate salami...you'll never go back!
If you want to surprise your customers with an unique product that is always ready to be served, and is a good mouth-watering enjoyment, contact us now. Simply fill in the form below.
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